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money_grabberSeth Godin talks about get rich fast schemes for people who want to get rich fast.

It is true these poor people buy into every scheme possible, borrowing money from relatives because they believe this will the next big thing that will teach them how to get rich fast quickly.

I’m amazed that people can be so gullible. My logic tells me you can’t get rich, let alone get rich fast by stuffing envelopes or wiring jewellery together. Common. There is manual work involed in that. Not for me – I’m far too lazy. Besides I already know that is trading time for dollars and that does not insure instant riches.

But I’ll admit when I first heard about the Science of Getting Rich and The Secret I was so yippy skippy that I sat down and visualised till the cows came home. I got clear on what i wanted. I felt myself being rich. Nothing happened. nada.

The point is you have to take action of some kind. I knew that stuffing envelopes was not for me but I did know being rich is very much for me.

Even though I knew in my heart I had to do something – I was’t sure what I had to do to get the ball rolling. Due to me not wanting to do not do any menial job because inside of me I knew that I din’t coem here to just be a cog in the machine – uphold the system. I’ve always felt too special – so I guess a kind of procrastination had set in which kept me dreaming but poor.

One day I had stumbled across something that had the cheesy title, “How to Get Lots Of Money for Anything Fast“. I thought to myself no, not another scheme, yet I couldn’t help reading the long sales letter and getting more convinced than ever before that I really needed this How to Get Lots of Money Fast Ebook. Besides it had all these testimonials be people like Jack Canefield, you know the author of  Chicken Soup for the Soul. And David Garfinkel the author of eBook Secrets Exposed. I thought to myself if these guys that are obviously rich and recommending this book then I MUST get this too.

I’ll admit the book has visualisation stufff in it. It went even further into me visualising actually doing something. It even had me visualing measuring my success! It had me take such a deep look at what was causing my inaction and fear that I was able to get into real productive action.

The productive action then began bringing in finacial rewards and I was having fun doing it!

Seth Godin is so right when he says it seems as though some people are just opportunity seekers and not oppoertunity finders.

Don’t get caught up in sales letters that promise to make you get rich fast by doing measly jobs. Take action on your dreams. One step a day goes a long way.

5 Responses to “How to Get Rich Fast-Gimme a Break!”

  1. Mamet Says:

    get rich is need a hard work..
    never one can get rich easy or fast without a hard work

  2. Administrator Says:

    Thanks for the visit Mamet, I do believe we can get rich without actually having to work hard in a job we hate.

    The phrase alone “work hard” makes it sound like a curse. Speak to people that have made a lot of money – a lot of them diodn’t sweat it out – they just did what they loved like computer programming, singing, writing etc.

  3. Tal_K Says:

    The main idea is to know what you like to do. Only this will make your hard work look easy to youself.
    If you know the target you are aming for than also the non interesting hard works you will need to do on the way will look easy to you.
    The main question do you really know what you really want?

    I myself not really know yet and that's a big problem I work to solve soon.

  4. john Says:

    you write about the non truth of get rich schemes and yet have ad for such schemes on your blog? The wallace wattles book link had ads for course to BUY along with the FREE book

  5. Administrator Says:

    Hi John,

    Actually John there is NOTHING to buy. You really get the Free Book. It was the first book I ever read on the law of Attraction and it really changed my life for ever.

    Thanks for visiting.

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