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goldenegg1. Get Out of Scarcity Mode

I know it’s not so easy to get out of scarcity mode, when you keep feeling like you haven’t got enough. If you feel you haven’t got enough money, health, security, food, petrol, etc then it’s damn difficult. I know I’ve een there (sigh of relief).

The thing is if you keep concentrating on what you haven’t got enough of you’ll stay in that place. So begin to expand and see what you have got that is enough. I find going into my garden always uplifts me. I hear the birds chirping merrily, see the cat soaking up the rays of sun, the tulips coming into bloom and than I know everything is okay. I see the huge blue sky above me and know there is plenty of that.

Beware – if you catch yourself feeling jealous over somebody else’s good luck, possesions, looks, relationships or what ever it means you believe there’s not enough for you. This is a sign that you’re in scarcity mode.

2. Say Thank You

Now that you’ve found things that there are enough of say thanks. It seems corny at first but does amazing things for your state of mind. By saying thanks for what you have, your focus is shifted to another place. Now you get a gap to feel better. By feeling better your whole attitude is positive. Only then can you allow more good to come your way.

3. Stop Judgeing

Making judgements about those rich bastard bank managers who ruined everything and then still got a fat payout is no good. Stop it!

I know, how easy it is to judge. I  catch myself doing it. It’s like Oh My God that woman is so fat, she must eat a lot of crap. I wonder why she doesn’t educate herself on food. She must hate being that fat. She doesn’t respect her body or love herself, no wonder she looks so grumpy. See where this is going?

Instead you could be focusing on what you’re doing. And besides who are we to judge some one else?

4. Be selective about what you entertain yourself with.


Yip don’t sit in front of the idiot box, just watching anything for the sake of entertainment. Seriously the stuff you watch and read has a serious impact on your emotions. If you’re watching negative and trashy stuff don’t be surprised if your life turns out that way. Same goes for music.  Me I don’t want to live the blues so I don’t listen to them – even though I love them! Yes I used to listen to the blues a lot and lived the blues.

5. Know What You Want

Believe it or not this is often the hardest part!

Let me ask you something?

Would you go into a restaurant and ask the waiter to bring you anything? Maybe – but you’d be dissapointed if  what he bought you didn’t taste nice.

So if you know you want to be rich so you can educate your kids, own your house, give money to World Wild Life Fund, buy healthy food, drive a porsche and see the great wall of China you have a target. And it’s much easier to aim when you have a target. Also you can begin to imagine yourself doing and owning all that.  When you live things out in your mind first you can get a taste of what it’s like and enjoy the feeling.

Sadly most people don’t really know what they want out of life and leave it up to destiny to just dish out what ever.

6. Take Action

We all know you have to do something to make something happen. It doesn’t mean you have to work your butt off. But you must take action. By taking action you are proving to yourself that you believe in what you’re doing. And once you start believing and doing – that’s when magic happens.

7. Take a Prosperity Course

Oh no not another self development come law of attraction Guru! Can’t stand those myself.

But I can recommend Rebecca Fine from the Science of Getting Rich Networks, Prosperity Course plus get a FREE copy of  The Science of Getting Rich Ebook. This book isn’t aboout investments, tax havens, mlm, adsense, blogging or copy writing. Nope it’s about a mind set. The best part is that you choose what to pay for taking the prosperity course which is based on the EBook, The Science of Getting Rich.

So if right now you can’t afford big bucks, 10 dollars will get you in!How amazing is that?

Just by the way, I feel obliged to tell you that some big names have done the course.  Heeeelllllllooooo, does the name Rhonda Byrnes, from The Secret ring a bell? Or Sandy Forster who wnet from social welfare to millionaire within 4 years.

Yes I’ve done it too and keep referring to my notes as membership lasts a life time.

2 Responses to “7 Secrets to Prosperity Consciousness”

  1. Tal_K Says:

    I love your ideas and I am also just started the Course with Rebbeca.

    My current economycal situation is critical, I'm not poor, but worse than that, I owe lot of money which I borrowed to survive in China for me and my family and my income from my job and the business I do is not enough to return that.
    Currently the business stopped running, customers sudenly not ordering because they all in crysis and it's very difficult to get out of scarecity mode completely.
    I try to be optimistic most of the time and usually success but deep inside something expacting fast results and has doubts which I find it hard to stop as long as no results yet.
    I use some of the methods you mentiones and it's really help.
    I expact and commited that on the next time I write any comment I will be on the way out from the personal temporary economy trouble on the way to get my life targets.

    Best to all!

  2. Administrator Says:

    Great for you!

    I’m planning on putting my personal experiences of Rebecca’s Practical Genuises Course online.

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